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Luxury properties for sale in Pals, Costa Brava, 13 properties


Explore the allure of Pals, Costa Brava, with Damlex Realty's exclusive listings of luxury properties for sale in this enchanting medieval town. Pals boasts a rich history, its roots extending to Roman times. The name "Pals" is derived from the Latin word "palus," meaning marsh, reflecting its historical proximity to wetlands.

Nestled amidst the captivating landscapes of the Costa Brava, Pals features well-preserved medieval architecture, including a charming old town and a distinctive Romanesque tower. Our curated selection of luxury properties seamlessly combines modern elegance with the town's historical charm.

Beyond the real estate offerings, Pals invites residents to immerse themselves in local activities. From exploring the cobbled streets of the old town to enjoying panoramic views from the tower, Pals offers a glimpse into Catalonia's past. The nearby beaches and golf courses provide additional opportunities for leisure.

Discover the timeless beauty of Pals with Damlex Realty, where each property reflects the unique blend of history and modern luxury that defines this captivating corner of the Costa Brava. Allow us to guide you to your dream residence in Pals, where refined living meets the charm of Catalonia's medieval heritage.

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