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Flats for sale in Poblenou

El Poblenou, shares with many other cities across Europe, is that it has a rich industrial history. Factories dominated the skyline through the nineteenth century, powered by the sea and river that lie close by. Though industries waned as the modern and digital age crept closer, the marks of Poblenou's history can still be seen today; historic buildings full of character, and street art on every corner. 

More recent developments have shaped the district further. Preparations for the 1992 Olympics saw the creation of new beaches, and further regeneration projects have breathed new life into the city. As time progresses, one of the oldest districts in Barcelona is fast becoming one of the most developed, with investment pouring in from home soil and abroad. All of these factors make flats for sale in Poblenou a highly attractive prospect. 

Properties in Villa Olímpica - Poble Nou

Last 2 apartments in the new building near the sea in Barcelona
Barcelona - apartment, Barcelona in areas near the sea
63 м2| 2 Bedrooms| 1 Bathrooms
382 000 €
Apartment with tourist license in the area of Poble Nou
Barcelona - apartment, Barcelona in areas near the sea
110 м2| 2 Bedrooms| 2 Bathrooms
650 000 €
Apartment with sea views in front of the beach
Barcelona - apartment, Barcelona in areas near the sea
99 м2| 4 Bedrooms| Bathrooms
798 500 €

Exceptional property in Barcelona

Apartments are a popular choice, including ones with sea or city views; others are available in gated communities, offering exceptional facilities and security. The property market in Barcelona continues to be buoyant and attracts, not just the Spanish, but buyers worldwide; investors are particularly keen purchasers as luxury apartments in the city centre rent out well. Damlex Realty is on hand to advise and show you exactly what you are looking for, potentially saving a lot of your valuable time. 



Why Buy in Poblenou 

As is the case with any ex-industrial city, there are a plethora of historic buildings scattered throughout Poblenou, many of which are in disrepair or disuse. These are rapidly snapped up by property developers looking to make a strong return on investment, as these sorts of properties lend themselves to modern refurbishments complemented with character and period features. 

Both property investors and buyers of second or holiday homes can take advantage of this property boom, creating flats that often see a significant boost in value when refurbished and developed. What's more, this is an up and coming city in which new restaurants, bars and clubs are popping up, taking shape in old textiles factories and other industrial spaces, all of which is coming together to create a city packed with deep and interesting history and culture. This also makes it the perfect space for young couples or working-age youths looking for a stylish base. 

Damlex Reality Services 

Expanding into the Spanish property market can be a confusing place for investors or house buyers who have not previously purchased a house abroad. This is particularly challenging when it comes to navigating the Spanish legal system and the documentation and processes surrounding the property market, particularly if Spanish is not a first or spoken language. 

Damlex Reality is an agency offering tailored services that seek to make the purchase efficient and hassle-free for house buyers and investors alike. Agency experts can take on the responsibility and ownership of the process, providing professional advice at every stage, and minimising the risk of any confusion or legal obstacles that could potentially arise.

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